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Living in Berlin is a unique experience. Berlin has about 3.4 million inhabitants and is one of the most exciting cities in Europe. The attractiveness of the city is steadily increasing due to its economic development. Berlin is a place chosen by millions of people from different nations and cultures that move to the capital every year in order to live, work and study here. Berlin is diverse, colorful, dynamic, creative, young, modern and tolerant. Berlin is the city of opportunities and personal development. Come to Berlin, come to Nativa Akademie!


and full of history

Berlin, the German capital, offers a variety of attractions such as the Brandenburg Gate, symbol of Berlin and symbol of the division and reunification of Germany and the Federal Chancellery. We also highlight all government buildings, including the historic Reichstag, seat of the German Parliament. Berlin is also known as the city of the arts and artists, with more than 300 museums.

The East Side Gallery in Friedrichshain is 1,361 meters long. It is the largest open-air gallery in the world being the longest remaining part of the Berlin Wall. In Hackeschen Höfen, the largest closed courtyard area in Germany, you can find various cultural institutions that invite you to linger.

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In addition to our courses and workshops we organize different cultural events and happenings once a month. These may include sightseeing in Berlin and nearby towns, language exchange, film projections, touring the city, visiting museums or simply going to interesting restaurants. We will visit historical monuments and discover unknown as well as typical parts of Berlin.

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