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Studying made possible with TestDaF


The TestDaF is the most important German language test for international applicants and a “milestone” on your way to a German college or university: With the certificate you officially prove that you are linguistically ready to start your studies. Scientists can also use the TestDaF to prepare for research stays at German universities.

The TestDaF certificate is valid indefinitely and is recognized by all universities in Germany. Another advantage: You can take the TestDaF conveniently at our language school.

German Flag in Conference Room
Students sitting in an exam hall doing an exam in university

The 4 parts of the TestDaF

What you have to be able to do in the TestDaF:

Reading comprehension

3 reading texts, 30 tasks, 60 minutes You can read short texts from everyday university life and assign given statements: lecture directories, advertisements or book reviews. You can grasp longer texts on general and scientific topics and answer questions about important statements and details.


1 writing task, 60 minutes
You write a coherent and clearly structured text on a specific topic. To do this, you can take information from a diagram, describe and summarize it. You will be able to make comparisons and explain your own point of view in a justified manner

Listening comprehension

3 audio texts, 25 tasks, 40 minutes You can understand spoken texts: short dialogues, interviews or lectures. You understand the overall context and important statements, even longer listening texts, and can answer questions about them

Oral Expression

7 speaking tasks, 35 minutes You can express yourself orally in typical situations in university life. You represent your opinion in a seminar, give advice to fellow students or can actively participate in discussions

Self-test for TestDaF: