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English classes

English for all language levels

English for all language levels

in our language school in Berlin-Moabit

English classes in Berlin? No problem! Our modern language school in Berlin-Moabit offers professional English courses, held in a friendly atmosphere. Our course teachers are competent native speakers, who are strongly committed to sharing their knowledge. The course programmes are always very lively by using the communicative method of teaching.
Thanks to small course groups, which count up to 10 students, you have the possibility of active participation in each lesson, which results in faster learning progress. Our language teachers work hard on perfecting their teaching skills, and they will familiarize you with the newest methods of effective learning.

Our textbooks and additional teaching materials are selected appropriately according to the course level and to the students’ needs. If this is not your first time learning English, we encourage you to check the level of your skills on your own.You can take our placement test online, or at our school. This will help us to assign you to the most suitable course and group for you.

Learning English for any kind of usage

We offer the following courses in English:

  • Evening courses: 2 lessons, once a week with 2 lective hours per day once a week.
  • Semi-intensive courses with 2 lective hours per day twice a week. These courses are for all those who are busy during the day but wish to improve their language skills.
  • Individual classes for people who want to learn individually or in a two-person group. We ensure specifically adapting the course material to individual needs.
  • Language Workshops: 4 lessons once a month, usually on Saturdays. This offer is supplementary to our standard course offer. During the workshops, you can polish your language skills and acquire new abilities, as we will be exploring cuisine characteristics for given regions and learning traditional dances.
  • English classes for children take place twice a week in the afternoon with a total duration of three months. The monolingual classes are held by native speakers.

Textbooks for English courses

Buy or borrow

You can borrow or buy the course books at the office. We use the following books for our English courses:

  • Face2face Second Edition  Band 1, A1 (Starter)
  • Face2face Second Edition  Band 2, A1-A2 (Elementary)
  • Face2face Second Edition  Band 3, B1 (Pre-intermediate)
  • Face2face Second Edition  Band 4, B1-B2 (Intermediate)
  • Face2face Second Edition  Band 5, B2 (Upper-intermediate)
  • Face2face Second Edition  Band 6, C1 (Advanced)

Excursions with Nativa Akademie

Excursions with Nativa Akademie in Berlin

We organize different cultural events and happenings once a month. These may include sightseeing in Berlin and nearby towns, language exchange, film projections, touring the city, visiting museums or simply going to interesting restaurants. We will visit historical monuments and reveal a Berlin which you didn’t know.

Get in contact with us! We are looking forward to reading from you!