Learn German in Berlin

Do you want to learn German in Berlin? Or you already learn Deutsch?

We have the right stuff/staff! 

Learn German in Berlin with fun!

Learn German / Deutsch with us and have fun on the Nativa Akademie in Berlin

In our language school in Berlin you can learn German / Deutsch in professional language courses, which are held in a friendly atmosphere thanks to our highly qualified teaching staff, who enthusiastically share their knowledge and skills.

All course programs are based on active methods of learning, in order for the student to achieve a language communicating capability as fast as possible. All four linguistic skills are trained during the course – listening, reading, speaking and writing, in accordance with the Common European Framework of References for Languages, thanks to which you will reach the desired course targets.

Learn German / Deutsch in Berlin and have fun

We organize lessons in small groups consisting of up to 10 people, which further eases the learning process, as all students can actively participate and achieve rapid progress. We offer good communication, individual advisory and a great team at your disposal. Your trust is very important for us, and we constantly work towards establishing and strengthening it.

You are welcome to take our placement test at our school or online. This way we will determine the level of your linguistic skills. Learning with us is pleasant, but most of all successful!

Special offers for German courses on our Nativa Akademie!

You can study for as many weeks as you want!

You learn German at your own pace

Our language school offers the following courses in German:

  • Intensive German course with 20 lective hours a week – 4 hours daily Monday to Friday.This is a course aimed at people who desire to learn quickly and effectively or refresh their German speaking skills. The more weeks you pay for, the lower the course price.
  • Semi-Intensive German course with 2 lective hours per day twice a week.These are courses for everyone who is busy during the day with work or studies and who wishes to improve their language skills.
  • Evening German course: 2 lessons, once a week with 2 lective hours per day once a week.
  • Tutoring in German: This course is aimed at teenagers and children from 6 years old upwards, who experience problems at school and want to polish their skills.
  • Individual German course: These are courses for people who want to learn individually or in a two-person group. We ensure specifically adapting the course material to individual needs.
  • German à la longue – a course supplementary to our standard courses. There is always a possibility to take it depending on the topic.
  • German language workshops: 4 lessons once a month, always on Saturdays. This offer is supplementary to our standard course offer. During the workshops, you can polish your language skills and acquire new abilities, as we will be exploring cuisine characteristics for given regions and learning traditional Dances.
  • German crash course  (express courses): Fast in German with 5 lessons, 5 days a week. The course lasts for 1 week. It is intended for all who want to quickly acquire the language basics necessary for surviving in the destination of a planned journey.

Studying in German

If you want to study at a German university, where the courses are taught in German, you will have to prove that you understand enough. The most current certificates of proficiency include the DSH (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang ausländischer Studienbewerber) and TestDaf (Test für Deutsch als Fremdsprache) certificates for German as a foreign language. Both are equally well recognised. We can help you to prepare you for Test DaF or DHS.

Get the detailsPreparation for Test DaF / DSH

Intensive German course with 20 hours daily for study in German.

* Each teaching hour is 45 minutes

For German courses we use the following books:

German A1  Schritte International (Hueber Verlag)

German A2 Schritte International (Hueber Verlag)

German B1 Schritte International (Hueber Verlag)

German B2 Aspekte Neu  (Klett Verlag)

German C1 Aspekte Neu  (Klett Verlag)

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