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English individual lessons


English private lessons at Nativa Akademie

Student writing final exam in classroom.

Personal goals and desired content

Private lessons

Individual lessons / private lessons are aimed at everyone who wants to improve or acquire language skills for work, for their studies or for a vacation in a relatively short time – either alone or in pairs!

This has many advantages, because the teacher focuses the lessons on the content desired by the students and can specifically address the needs of the student. In a short time, any language deficits can be made up in a student-friendly climate.

1 student
Lessons2 unit lessons (2×45 min.)10 UL20 UL30 UL40 UL
Price/*savings86 €420 €/*10 €820 €/*40 €1200 €/*90 €1560 €/*160 €

to the booking

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2 students
Lessons2 unit lessons (2×45 min.)10 UL20 UL30 UL40 UL
Price/*savings98 €480 €/*10 €940 €/*40 €1380 €/*90 €1800 €/*160 €
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The flexible entry into private lessons

Individual English lessons - alone or in pairs!

The entry into your private lessons can take place at any time and can be arranged flexibly with prior consultation with your teacher.

The price of them depend on the number of participants and the number of lessons booked.

We wish you a lot of fun and success!