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Spanish evening courses


Hola, ¿hablas español?​

Learn Spanish at lightning speed in our 9-week evening courses!

Our Spanish evening courses are ideal for people who are busy with work or study during the day and want to improve their Spanish skills in the afternoon. We offer you a varied and very communicative language training at all levels, in which you can extend and deepen your language skills in a family atmosphere.

The courses take place twice a week with two unit lessons each and last 9 weeks. Our small groups with up to eight participants and communicative language lessons give you the opportunity to make great progress and improve your language skills even in a short period of time.

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Participantsmax. 8
Unit lessons
per week / per day
4 UL / 2 UL
DaysTuesday & Thursday
Time17:45 – 19:15
All levels:
A1 / A1+ / A2 / A2+ / etc.
9 weeks / 36 UL
299€ per level