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German conversation course


Practical language skills for everyday life

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Language skills for everyday life

German conversation course

The German language conversation course in Nativa Akademie in Berlin is aimed at people who want to achieve effortlessness in communication in the foreign language. Or with other words: who want to be able to make small talk. Using German in everyday life is a very special challenge – it is not about the German grammar itself but more about the art of having a conversation in German.

That is why we offer practice-oriented German language conversation courses for the everyday life. Our extensive German conversation courses are especially useful in the following situations.


Practical language help for the job search,

university application and everyday life

With the German conversation course “German in everyday life” at Nativa Akademie in Berlin specially designed for you, we would like to offer you practical help with daily challenges. The lessons should complement our language course offer and can be booked additionally or independently from other German courses. The lessons give you an insight into the important areas of your new life and help you to develop or improve your desired German skills.

The course contents of the conversations are specifically matched to your needs, so that you can practice these skills, such as when looking for a job or enrolling at the university.

The courses are taught by motivated and competent native speaker teachers, who impart their knowledge with much joy and passion. We give great importance to communicatively oriented German lessons.

Participants5 to 8
Hours per week4 (1 lesson = 45 min)
WeekdaysMonday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday
ScheduleAfter arrangement
from B1 level10 Weeks
10 Weeks325,- €

Small groups with a German level from A2

max. 6 participants

In small groups with up to 6 students you can actively participate in class and make great progress in a short time. Our teachers constantly take training lessons and therefore use the latest learning methods. We use textbooks and teaching materials selected in coordination with the teacher.

The offer is geared towards participants with a German level A2 or higher. The course always takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We offer you the possibility to attend a free trial lesson. You can join any time. If your German knowledge is not well enough yet, we recommend the German Intensive language course, in which you can improve your level quickly and effectively.