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EURES program


Are you still in another European country and want to move to Germany?

Your program supports you in the following matters:

  • Moving costs: After a successful placement, you can apply for financial support before moving.
  • Recognition costs: You can apply for financial support for the recognition of professional qualifications.
  • Language course in your home country: You can apply for financial support for a preparatory German course in your home country.
  • Language course in Germany: In certain cases you can apply for support for a part-time language course in Germany (budget of 2000 € for individual lessons and courses)
  • Additional travel assistance: You can apply for additional travel assistance in the event of special challenges, long travel distances and other restrictions or the need for an accompanying person.
  • Travel expenses: You can apply for one-off financial support for a trip to a job interview in a participating EU member state.

Please note:

  • Eligibility criteria must be met for the entire duration of the grant
  • The United Kingdom left the European Union on January 31, 2020. According to the Withdrawal Agreement, the UK is now officially a third country of the EU and therefore no longer takes part in EU decisions.
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