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Tutoring in the Nativa Academy


In addition to our language courses for adults, we will also be offering tutoring for children and young people in our academy from January 2022.

We are convinced that a visit twice a week is the optimal learning frequency in order to lastingly compensate for the school deficits in the subjects and that this will quickly lead to learning success.

Press the button to download the brochure:
Group of kindergarten kids friends arm around sitting and smiling fun
Schoolboy standing in front of a blackboard with a bright idea light bulb above his head concept for innovation, imagination and inspirational ideas
Large group of school children raising their hands ready to answer the question.

Your advantages in the Nativa Academy:

You can find our courses with dates and times under the following link:

Apply for tutiton for free - this is how it works:

Tutoring by the state with the education and participation package!

Step 1: Get the application form

A separate application must be made for the child’s learning support. Corresponding forms are available under the following link and in different languages:
Families who receive social assistance, housing benefit or child allowance should contact the  citizens’ office in their place of residence . The job center  or  employment agency is  responsible for jobseekers (recipients of unemployment benefit II and social benefits)  .

Step 2: Obtain confirmation from the school

Get the  teacher to  confirm that your child needs additional support.
You can download the form for the school here:

Step 3: Submit an application

With the certificate from the  school  , you submit the application to your responsible  office  .
List of offices in Berlin:

Step 4: make an appointment with us!

Once your application has been approved, you can start: Our  professional tutoring  ensures good grades and a good mood!