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Information: Visa matters

EU citizens do not need a visa to enter Germany. The situation is different for many non-EU citizens: We ask you to inquire about all the necessary formalities at your local German diplomatic mission before registering at our language school. You can expect a processing time of 8-12 weeks.

1st option: Language visa (visa for participation in a language course):

The language visa is valid for at least three to a maximum of 12 months and requires participation in intensive courses with at least 18 teaching units per week that last at least 12 weeks.

Once you have registered for an intensive course at our school and prepaid the full course fee for each required course, we can issue you with a formal confirmation of enrollment, which is required for visa approval.

The language visa does not make possible to:

Flag of Germany , visa application form and passport on table

If a student visa is then required, it is necessary to return to your home country and newly apply for a student visa

Passport with visa stamps. Travel or turism concept background.
Millennial female teacher conducting English lesson on web, using smartphone and laptop to
German Flag in Conference Room
Europe flag
Hand signature sign approved business contract for certify and permit on the paper document

2nd option: student visa

The student visa requires participation in an intensive course with at least 18 teaching units per week for at least three months. A letter of admission from a German university is required for the student visa. Further formalities, in particular with regard to a subsequent residence permit, should be clarified independently with the German embassy or with the immigration authorities as early as possible.

Here, too, once you have registered for an intensive course at our school and paid the entire course fee for each required course in advance, we can issue you with a formal confirmation of registration, which is required for a visa approval.

In both cases, the following applies: If the requested visa is not issued , we will reimburse you the entire fee with the exception of a processing fee of EUR 250.00. However, the reimbursement can only be made if you send us a copy of the rejection letter from the German Embassy. Reimbursement is only possible within a period of 6 months. A subsequent claim to the course fee is no longer possible.

Further relevant information can be found in our terms and conditions: Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

Do not hesitate and register for a German course!